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All information on our school curriculum, including subject policies, termly overview and access to the latest curriculum news.

A school curriculum is broad and comprises a lot of information. To best communicate our curriculum to you, from top level planning objectives, down to class termly detail, we have split the information into three main types. These are as follows: 

1. Subject Curriculum Documents For Each Key Stage
Again for each subject, these given a more detailed description of our curriculum, broken down now into different year groups.
2. Termly Curriculum Overviews
Curriculum Overviews are sent home to each year group at the beginning of each term and can also be found on their news page. They are intended to give parents specific information about the topics your child will be covering in class during the term and hence enable you as parents to continue to encourage and support your child’s learning.
3. Curriculum News 

Daily curriculum news articles reported on the website, with accompanying photos and videos, to give you an insight into the classroom, strengthen the home-school partnership and celebrate the work the children are producing. As will all news, the articles can be found in our main news feed. You can use the category links at the top of the articles to explore specific subjects in more detail.

4. Curriculum Yearly Overview

Whole Child Curriculum Planner 2016-2017.

Reception Whole Year Overview 2016-2017

Year 1 Whole Year Overview 2016-2017

 Year 2 Whole Year Overview 2016-2017

Year 3 Whole Year Overview 2016-2017

Year 4 Whole Year Overview 2016-2017

Year 5 Whole Year Overview 2016-2017

Year 6 Whole Year Overview 2016-2017

 Information about the New Curriculum for parents.

Curriculum Objectives

Our top level objectives in planning and implementing the Curriculum are to:

  • Provide an interesting and stimulating environment with a caring, secure atmosphere, in order to foster self-discipline, good manners, mutual respect and tolerance, and where children may become happy and well-balanced individuals.
  • Provide the basic skills which children need for work and life by giving each of them a thorough grounding in English and Mathematics appropriate to their age, aptitude and ability.
  • Make every effort to offer a broad balanced curriculum to all pupils regardless of ability, gender, religion or ethnic origin. We follow the National Curriculum in all subjects. However, we continually look for ways to adapt and modify the curriculum to suit the needs of our children.

Subject Curriculum By Key Stage

For each subject, these documents give a more detailed description of our curriculum, broken down into more detail for the different year groups, from Y1 upwards.

These documents will be available here in September, for our new curriculum.

Phonics and Reading Schemes

  • We use Read Write Inc. as our KS1 phonics scheme. 
  • Reading schemes used in KS1 are: Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star, Ginn and All Aboard.
  • Reading schemes used in KS2 are: Oxford Reading Tree – Treetops and Project X.

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Still Want To Know More?

If you can’t find the curriculum information that you’re looking for, or want to find out more about our curriculum, please speak to your teacher, or another member of staff.