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The use of technology is wide spread throughout daily life. Education is no different and there are various forms of technology in use within the school.

At St John Fisher School we are committed to using technology to enhance and enrich the teaching and learning experience throughout the school.

In doing this we aim to educate pupils in the benefits of using technology but also to understand its weaknesses and potential danger.  

To help educate both parents and children in this regard we will post news articles and resources that we think useful. You can find these documents below.

The Childsnet website is another great E-Safety resource worth bookmarking. 

For more information regarding E-Safety at St. John Fisher, please refer to our E-Safety policy, available on the Policies page

Parental Guide – Playstation

Parental Guide – Nintendo3DS

Parental Guide – xboxone

Parental Guide – xbox360

Parental Guide – xbox family

Parental Guide – WiiU

Parental Guide – Nintendo Switch

Parental Guide – Apple

Lee and Kim Storybook

Lee and Kim SIDs Top Tips

Lee and Kim SIDs Dot to Dot

HW colour Storybook 5 Heros

HW colour Storybook 3

Its a serious game

Hectors World songsheet

EBook The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin

EBook Play and Learn – Being Online

E-Safety Hectors World

An Internet Safety Guide For Parents and Carers

Children’s Bill Of Rights

Internet Safety Poster

Whose side are you on?

Let’s fight it together

Know your friends-with Josh and Sue